12 of the Craziest ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Fan Theories

It’s been two years since The Force Awakens hit the big screen and every since then, there have been fan theories of how the story might continue. While some have pointed out some plausible story-lines, there are also a few crazy ones out there on the world wide web.

We’ve tracked some of the down. Please let us know whether you think they are complete hogwash or could become reality.

Let’s start!

The Knights of Ren were Luke’s Students

When Rey touched Luke’s old lightsaber, she sees quite a few visions and one of them is a group of hooded men which represented The Knights of Ren. It does seem very unlikely that Kylo Ren could find so many followers in such a short amount of time. So it could very well be that these were all of Luke’s students who started following Kylo when he turned to the dark side.

This would also be a very good reason to go into exile.


Rey is Obi-Wan’s Granddaughter

Is Rey Obi-Wans granddaughter?

Star Wars movies have always had one consistent theme of family. Skywalker and Kenobi have also always been the main characters in the previous trilogies so it could be very likely that Disney decided to continue this into Force Awakens. With Rey possibly clashing with Kylo Ren, it’s another battle of Kenobi vs Skywalker.


Luke is a Villain in “The Last Jedi”

There have been many reports that Luke will be a villain in The Last Jedi. The poster already is a big clue where he is the main character in the back-ground. This has always been reserved for Darth Vader or the Emperor in the past. The trailer also has many clues that Luke isn’t a happy chappy at the moment.

Snoke is Darth Plagueis

This has been one of my favourite theories ever since reading the books and learning about Palpatine’s Master. He was killed by Palpatine, but it was never truly confirmed in the novel and they have since become canon. It would be very cool to see this character come to live on the big screen.

Director J.J. Abrams has denied this theory but he has lied about other stories that ended up becoming true in the past when shooting the Star Trek movies.


Benicio del Toro’s DJ Is An Older Ezra Bridger

I’d love to see Ezra Bridger in the new movie who has become a fan favourite since Star Wars Rebels starting showing on TV. Some of the other characters of the show made it into Rogue One and it’s not too farfetched to see Ezra in the next movie. He would be around 50 years old and del Toro would be an excellent cast.

Kylo Ren is a Double Agent

This is a little too left side.

What if Kylo Ren moved to the dark side in order to get close to Snoke just to kill him. He is constantly complaining about being drawn to the dark side; maybe he is just acting and scared as he is just pretending. Killing his father would prove is loyalty to finally get close to his target.

Rey is Luke’s Clone

Star Wars has always had a thing for clones.

Remember when Luke lost his hand? That would be an excellent way to get his DNA as the station was controlled by the Empire at that stage. They could have easily swooped it up. Trying to create an army to take down Luke could have created a female version by mistake.

Snoke Was One of the Jedi Younglings

Do you remember when Anakin Skywalker took down all the younglings in the Jedi Temple? Well, … what if Snoke was one of the kids who managed to survive. All that hatred from a young age could have been used to become one of the most powerful Sith in the universe.

Boba Fett is Snoke

What happened to Boba Fett? With so many fans loving this character of the original trilogy, there were bound to be a few theories involving him. Sadly, they don’t make much sense.

Rey Hatched from an Egg

In a comic book involving Poe Dameron, he meets a civilization that care after an egg, which they believe protects the galaxy’s savior. If Rey is supposed to save the galaxy, then she was hatched from an egg according to this believe.

Supreme Leader Snoke is Jar Jar Binks

How is this for a theory? Jar Jar Binks single-handedly started the creation of the clones by giving the emperor emergency powers. Maybe it’s all been a long game for him to finally take control when the universe is in utter chaos.

What do you think?

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