How to avoid Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers

Have you purchased your Star Wars: The Last Jedi tickets yet?

If no, then you need to make sure to stay as far away from the Internet as possible. That’s easier said than done as most of us use the Internet for work in one way or another and there will be plenty of spoilers out there.

Apart from a total Internet clamp-down, here are a few ways you can ensure to remain spoiler free until you finally have time to watch the movie.

Avoid the TV spots

Try to resist TV spots. Nowadays, with so many TV ads and movie spoilers, you can already make out the most important scenes of a movie. Resist!

Mute keywords on Twitter

Did you know that you can mute keywords on Twitter? Just add a whole bunch of keywords related to Star Wars and you are set for a save time on Twitter!

Use Plug-ins

This is one of the best plug-ins for Chrome. It will remove all mentions of Star Wars on any website that you visit including Facebook and Twitter. TryUnspoiler one !

Leave social media

If those ideas don’t work for you, you can just deactivate your social media accounts for a while and come back after you have watched the movie!

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